Golden Spike Vault & Security

Dedicated to providing you and your family with the highest quality vault door. "Security at It's Finest"

Why Us

Best Engineering

Our team is trained and skilled to design, construct, and has the techniques used to engineer a raw sheet of steel and turning it into a beautiful hand crafted vault door to provide security and protection for you and your family.

Hand Crafted and USA Made

With a strong crafted door completed, we take your door from steel to a work of art.  Our vaults doors are 100% made here in the USA and handcrafted by the best employees in the industry.

Easy Installation

Many vault door manufacturers claim to have a telescoping frame design, but only  Golden Spike vault doors have draw bolts that are installed from the inside.  That means you don't have to deal with drills and clamps.  With a total of 15 bolts that clamp the frames tight against the concrete opening, our vault doors make it impossible to pry the frames apart.  So although our doors are the easiest install in the industry, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that they're almost impossible to "un-install".

About Us


Golden Spike Vault Doors

Manufacturing security has been our passion for over 14 years. Our process starts with only quality raw materials that are then fabricated by our craftsmen. With a strong crafted door completed. we take your door from steel to a work of art right down to the final nut and bolt, your security is at the forefront of all we do.     

You'll be getting much more than a vault door when you purchase from Golden Spike.  Your vault door will be a showpiece in and of itself.  The unique "claim shell" design of the door jambs gives your vault door a finished look both inside and out in addition to making it the easiest install in the industry.  


Manufacturing Options

As each door is hand built for you, there are some manufacturing options that can be accommodated.  The most frequently asked is hinge placement.  These option include right side or left side.   

This is your door, we built it to your needs. 


Security At It's Finest

The unsurpassing quality of Golden Spike Vault Doors will give you and your family the key to peace of mind.  By doubling as a store shelter, your vault door will not only keep your guns, jewelry, heirlooms, family or business records and photographs safe from disaster or theft, it will keep you and your family safe.